Friday, August 30, 2013

a not-tutorial for a DIY camera insert.

I am not one to generally make decisions quickly. 
Right when I go to decide on something, 6 or 7 "but maybes..." enter my mind and delay the decision.
Sometimes it's a bit ridiculous, like when I'm just choosing what to eat for lunch. I'm working on it.

So, a camera bag. I have a camera & I like to take pictures. [Newsflash, I know.] I was just throwing said camera in my diaper bag, surrounded by burp cloths for protection. As cool as that was, I really wanted to get a camera bag/purse thing.  Oh wait, I already told you about that decision... over a month ago. You see what I mean about the timely manner in which I make decisions? Well, I was about to take the plunge and then I just couldn't do it. The evil chorus of "but maybes" entered my mind. (You'd think I was about to elope.) 

Fast forward to mid August when I saw this purse at a Marshall's.  It was reasonably priced, the perfect size for a camera, a wallet, and a diaper (my 3 must-haves these days).  Plus it's red. So that's fun. 

I had seen a few DIY camera inserts that can be placed in different bags so I decided to grab this bag (i mean, it was calling to me 'Renee - bring me home!!') and try the whole DIY thing. I generally end up buying rather than DIYing, but I do like the idea of a DIY project now and again. Now, sometimes my projects fail. Like this. But once in a while, they work! And this one did! Hooray. 

Don't get too excited - This is not a tutorial. I didn't follow a pattern or actually any method at all.  I skimmed these directions & looked at her pictures. But, the process was not very systematic. And the result? Functional, yes.  Pretty, no. The seams are uneven; and I just sewed each piece shut on the outside rather than slip stitching to hide the seam.  But it works. 

If I was going to give you a tutorial based on the pictures I took (which I am not), here's what I'd have for you. 

1. Step one - get some foam, scissors and fabric. 

2. You will also need a sewing machine.  This project can be done without coffee, but it is not recommended.

3. Place foam in your bag and mark it with a sharpie, then cut it & lay it on some doubled over fabric. [time-saver! that tip was for free.]  Without measuring, just guess how much extra you'll need for seams Precisely measure for seam allowances, and then cut on the doubled over fabric so you have 2 pieces of fabric to create a pillow-case like thing for your foam.  

4. Do some sewing & add some velcro. [no more pictures.]

5. Voila. 
Ahh! Whose feet photo bombed!? Weirdo.