Friday, August 30, 2013

8 Month Update

Yesterday, our sweet girl turned 8 months old. It felt like a big deal to me. Bigger than 6 months even. I think it's because she's happier than she was at 6 months.  A lot of people say 6 months is magic month. I'd say, for us, it was this 8 month mark.

In month 8...

We moved to from Omaha to Boston.
We are living on our own, just the 3 of us again.
She still takes 3 naps most days & sleeps 11-12 hours without a peep.
She mastered the 'pinch' mechanism for eating solids.
She eats a wider variety of solids - more chunks, less puree. Hallelujah!
We switched over to formula. She only nurses before bed for a little. [More about that another time.]
We borrowed a jumperoo from our neighbor, and Addie L.O.V.E.S it!
We tried out the baby bike seat for the first time.
She has started really liking stuffed animals. She makes 'eye contact' with them & giggles when I make the animal noise, all the while maintaining eye contact with the animal. It's very cute.
She does things she likes repeatedly. For example, if she pushes a button on a toy and it makes a noise, she'll push it over and over.
She pats her hand on a lot of things.
She still puts everything in her mouth.
She's become more patient with long stroller rides (perhaps a result of moving to Cambridge with no car).
She had her first subway ride.
She says 'ba' and 'ma'.  I'd like to think she associates 'ma' with me, but that might be a first-time-mom stretch of the imagination.
She loves to shake this pink ball

& take apart this wooden toy.

She likes to play games with us.  For example, she likes when we say 'How big is Addie?... soo big" and hold up her arms for her. She giggles and giggles.  She also anticipates repeating the game.  So, if I wiggle my fingers above her and then tickle her, and then wiggle my fingers above her again, she'll laugh in anticipation of being tickled. It's so much fun!

She is trying so so hard to crawl, but doesn't have it yet. I am not anxious for her to start moving, except for when I see her trying so hard, I just want her to be able to do it because she wants to so badly!
When she sees the swing, she bounces up and down in my arms and flaps her arms while panting in excitement.

I am amazed at how much she is learning & growing. Month 8 was good. Before I know it, she'll be a year old. Ay ay ay :)