Thursday, August 22, 2013

A week in Boston

So we moved to Boston a week ago. Well, Cambridge to be specific.  I haven't figured out whether people here are particular about that.  Like, in Chicago if you say "I'm from Chicago," but you're actually from the burbs, some city folk get a bit crabby.   I think it's all "boston" here.  But, I'll have to get back to you for sure.

The T (subway) is great. Fast. Always a train coming.  It's awesome.
People are wayyyyyy nicer than I'd heard.  Especially when I have Adelyn with me.
There is a swing set outside our front door.
There is a huge splash park/ wading pool at the Boston Common (a famous park closer to downtown).
We have met a LOT of families in our complex.  Maybe 15.  One is American.
It's beautiful here.
The roads are ridiculous.  Seriously, google map Cambridge & then zoom in.  There is absolutely no logic.  You'd think the founding fathers and a bunch of Harvard/ MIT/ BU folks could come up with better street planning.
I was surprised by the number of SAHMs I've met.  Woohoo!
The preschool across the street is $30,000/ year.  & it has a waiting list.
We are having a rental AC window unit installed tomorrow. Hallelujah. It was a nice idea to think we could get by without it in August.
Speaking of AC, we have to have a special 'energy star certified' unit put in because everybody here loves being green.  Especially Harvard.  I saw a sign that said "green is the new crimson."
I've seen a lot of weirdos interesting people walking down the street. I missed that.
Our list of restaurants to try grows exponentially every day. So.many.restaurants.
We had great sea food on the sea.  It was lovely.
We got bikes.  As one of my good friends said, "Oh, that's environmentally friendly of you."  Haha!! Try budget friendly.  Bikes < Car.
We walk at least 5 miles a day. (The bikes aren't ready yet.)
It's good exercise living on the 3rd floor.  Also, it's good business for Amazon &  I plan to order as much as possible.

That's all the randomness I can handle right now.

Or should I say, good-naht.

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  1. Oh, Renee! I miss you! Kaci, Brandi, Kellee, and I are going to get pedicures next week... it's a shame you aren't closer to join us! And then... the first Friday in September will be our "First Friday Milk and Cookies." (Smoothies perhaps?)

    Thanks for posting a new blog to keep me updated on your life! :)