Friday, December 6, 2013

How I told my husband about baby #2.

If you've been pregnant, you've probably been asked some version of the question, "were you planning on it?"

We could talk about why this is a funny question for a while, but instead, I'll just share a video clip that may give you our answer to that question.

It helps to know that Addie is wearing this shirt in the video :)

The details.
We had friends in town over the weekend of September 28. On Sunday night, we went out for a big seafood dinner. I felt suddenly nauseous later that evening and one of our friends joked, "maybe you're pregnant." Ben didn't even catch it, but I thought hmmmm I am a couple days late. 
So the next morning, I took the one pregnancy test we happened to have around, and sure enough 2 little lines. Clear as day.

Well, since I hadn't told him I was taking it and it turned out positive, I started to think about how I should tell him.
Option 1: Pretend I hadn't taken one yet and tell him that night I think I should take one in the morning because I'm a few days late. Clearly I ruled this out because 1.) It's lying 2.) I would have NEVER been able to keep a secret like that for 24 hours.
Option 2: Casually bring it up at dinner.
Me: "so I realized this morning I was a couple days late."
ben: "oh. should you take a pregnancy test?"
me: "well actually I already did" [beaming with a huge smile.]
Ben: "and....?"
me: "I'm pregnant."
Option 3: Something fun and cute and surprising.

Back up a couple years.
We had had a discussion when we were 'trying' with Addie about how he wanted to know when I was late and when I was taking a test as opposed to being totally surprised with little booties on his plate at dinner like all the cute stuff you see on the internet.
But this time around, I didn't really expect this one to turn out positive, and I took it after he left for school... and we hadn't been 'trying,' so I didn't want to text him in class with "hey, I'm a couple days late, gonna take a preggo test."
Anyway, I had already taken it and it was already positive.
So, fun surprise option #3 it was.

I'll probably not announce it this way for future babies, as it took him at least 24 hours to recover from the extreme level of surprise.

But there it is folks.

Disclaimer: I'm not even sure if this is worth writing, but just in case... please know, I have dear dear friends who have struggled with getting pregnant for months or years. I do not take lightly their pain or the fact that I've seen the hurt on their faces when they've been 'trying' and you haven't and somehow we're the ones who end up pregnant. I hesitate to even use the word 'trying.' But at the same time, it's part of our story and it would be false to pretend otherwise. And for whatever reason, our gracious God has entrusted us with another little one and we are so thankful and giving Him alone the praise for this blessing. Meanwhile, it reminds me often to pray for my sweet friends who ache for a baby. If this is you, I'm reminded of the verse Psalm 30:5 which says, "weeping may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning."