Thursday, August 1, 2013

Small Miracles

So, in case you haven't heard, we are headed to Florida with family for a week of fun in the sun.  We are driving.  With 2 babies.  At first, honestly, I was dreading it.  Slightly.  I mean, the girls are 7 and 13 months, so they now officially prefer not to be in car seats for 18 hours.  But, as I chose to come around to the idea, I dreaded it less and less.  I prayed over the trip gradually and the Lord just told me it'd be fine.

I asked 2 specific people to pray for our trip.  They each told me they had. 

And then I prayed again this morning - day 1. 6.5 hours from Omaha to St. Louis was the goal.  Very manageable, regardless of how it went.  But, oh so much more enjoyable without crying babies. 

This morning's prayer: "Lord... Let the girls sleep soundly, that our car may be peaceful and calm and safe.  I pray we'd enjoy each other's company & that the babies would be happy.  That it'd be a miraculous testament to how you care about the small things in life.  About how you provide for us always - day in and day out.  Your mercies are new every morning Lord.  Thank you for your great faithfulness."

This is what happened.  
Babies up at 6:45.
Nurse/ breakfast.
Pull out of driveway at 7:15
The girls are happy.  Both girls nap. There is no crying. 
We stop for McDonald's Breakfast at 10:30.
There is 15 minutes of crying over the course of the next 3 hour drive. 
We stop at 2 to get gas & go to the bathroom & change diapers. 
Addie falls back asleep after crying hard for 5 minutes. The girl was TIRED! 
Lanie falls asleep after giggling and playing peekaboo with her uncles.  
Arrive at hotel at 3. 

All I can say is - no more than 20-30 minutes max of crying from 2 babies in 8 hours of driving. Um.
It's small in the grand scheme of life, but BIG in my day today. 

I'm grateful to know a God who listens, answers, loves, cares. About the small things too.  

2 happy babies at McDonald's (in the grossest high chairs you've ever seen). 


  1. Prayers for continued safe and calm travels!!!!!!!! :) Can't wait for more pictures!

  2. thanks, Mama Fujan! :) more pictures to come when I'm not too lazy to get off the couch, find my camera & cord (which are most certainly not together...), plug them into the computer, download the pictures and then upload. hey, it's vacation...