Thursday, August 1, 2013

And we're off.. a herd of turtles.

My family always said that when it took us a long time to get in the car.  Which was sometimes often.

It was true this morning when we loaded up to drive from Omaha, Nebraska to Destin, Florida.  A herd of turtles.

Some stats for you (in honor of my statistics-loving husband):

6 adults
2 middle schoolers
2 babies
2 cars
1 roof top luggage rack
6 suit cases
4 duffle bags
2 coolers
25 squeezeable portable baby food containers
1,000,000 cheerios
19 toys (1 for each hour of the drive)
1,200 miles (one way)
6 books (because I don't have a kindle)
3 camera lenses
2 infant sound machines
2 pack-n-plays
2 car seats
6 hotel rooms reserved

and oh so much more.



  1. Who had to count the cheerios? :)

  2. oh my land. it was an all-hands-on-deck process to coordinate getting everyone and everything out of the house!