Monday, August 12, 2013

on becoming hippie-ish

Me: "I could see us becoming kinda hippie-ish in Boston."
Elsie (my sister-in-law): "What do you mean?"
Me: "Oh, you know, like using reusable grocery bags to avoid the looks of death from small corner market store owners... growing herbs in our window, walking places, buying our produce at a farmers market or local produce store, stuff like that."
Elsie: "Well, you guys are kinda prone to being a bit hippie-ish anyway, right?"
Ben: "I was a hippie for a few months."

hahaha. I don't really think of us as hippie-ish, but i suppose we have done a few stereo-typical hippie things.
We used a midwife.
I used a chemical free balm on Addie's skin for a while.
I like to drag Ben with me to a good farmer's market.
I've considered cloth diapering.  (Purely for the cost. This has nothing to do with my concern for the planet, although I think that's a nice bonus.)
We like public transportation.  I don't think this is hippie-ish though. Just normal if you live in a city.
Oh, and Ben has a huge tattoo that says "One Love."  A shout out to Bob Marley... from the few months Ben was a hippie.   So, there's that.

But, at the end of the day, we are definitely not hippies.


  1. I totally recommend using cloth diapers! We used them for Braydon for about 9 months! Great investment! :)

  2. What brand & style? When did you start & stop? Also, some days, Addie poops a LOT!!! Like 3 or more times... What is your system?

  3. Well... cloth diapering was JUST becoming a "big thing" again when we started... so I went with G-Diapers. They gave us the option of cloth or disposable inserts (although we never bought or used the disposable ones--supposedly you could flush them!?!?!) Anyway- we started when it was big enough to not leak through the legs... which was about 2 months. Then we stopped right before his birthday when we were having a poop-tastic problem (like 10 times a day!) As long as it's fairly solid poop... it's not really a problem... you dump it into the toilet and flush! :)

    I will use them again with another baby (someday....still waiting).... just because I have them already purchased and the investment made. However, if I were to buy a whole new system now... I'd probably get some of the fancier ones... that give you even more options of absorbency levels, all in one, inserts, etc. There's a lot of choices!

    The initial cost is expensive... but worth it.

    Oh-- and we only used them during the day... when we knew he'd get changed on a regular basis. Since he slept through the night so young... we used disposables as they kept him drier all night long. :)

    Good luck!

    1. i'm glad you mentioned disposables kept him drier over night - we were recently considering getting a cloth one for overnight b/c she always is soaking in the morning. so, i guess that's a no-go. I'll keep it all in mind! Thanks!!