Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Disclaimer: I was clearly not paid to review any of these products.  I think you have to actually make money from a blog & have more than 15 'followers' to get paid to review products. Hmmm, that would be nice though. 

Anyway, these are some recent purchases that I'm really happy with. 

I copied a friend who ordered these & we love them already!  We got them just in time for being in Boston.  To make the most of wake time, it's super convenient to leave right when she wakes up from a nap if we need to go anywhere.  She also eats when she wakes up, so we usually bring one of these and a bottle & she feeds herself in the stroller.  
amazon has them, but I found a better price at

these beautiful rainbow dishes are my new favorite! each pack was $1.99 at ikea! so, I spent $6.00 to get all that. (6 bowls in one pack; 6 plates in another; forks/spoons/knives in another.)

And last but not least for today - a laptop cover. I liked the look better without one, but it seemed safer. The top of my computer already had small splatter markings & I have no idea what from. 
this is the one i got.
Any products you are liking lately?  Describe and/or link in the comment section below :)