Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the gospel

my savior
he can move the mountains
my god is mighty to save
mighty to save
author of salvation
he rose and conquered the grave.
[video for that song here]

i never grow tired of that message.
that gospel.
that old sweet story of love, grace, mercy & salvation.
the one where i did not and could not do anything.
the one where Jesus loved me.
the one where God saved me - from my sin, my effort, myself.
He came down to earth.
He offered me a gift.

the gospel is so simple.
so real.
so true.
no religion.
no works.
no effort.
just grace.

it's the only "religion" in the world that's not a religion- not based on one's effort or goodness, but rather based on God's perfect work.
finished & completed for you.
now if that isn't good news, i don't know what is.
don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise.
people will tell you any way works.
or they'll tell you it doesn't matter.
but it does.
or they'll tell you their religion is a little bit more right.
but the moment you are required to do anything to make it, all bets are off.
there is only one way.
it is the way of the gospel.

i wonder, do you believe it?

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  1. Similarly, I believe that we strive to live a godly life, but even then our “works” are not enough; we fall short and we need Jesus’ grace to be saved. I am so grateful we have a Savior whose grace we need everyday. You are a great example of faith to me, Renee.