Saturday, August 31, 2013

Amazon is having a sale on Canon lenses.

Dear Creepy Amazon,

You remembered that I looked at Canon lenses online a few weeks ago.
Then you sent me an email that looked like this:

First, let's deal with the creepiness. I'm sure I gave you permission when I signed up with a prime account to track my searching & send me emails about products. Probably, I could figure out how to stop that. But, I have better things to do with my time... like blog about how creepy you are.

Secondly, let's deal with the email. Certainly with all your creepiness, you know that currently I am a stay at home mom and my husband is a full time graduate student, and therefore, we are living on government loans (at a new whopping low interest rate - thanks, Mr. Obama).  So, I mean, to send me a teaser email about a lens I am pining after that is on sale for eighteen hundred dollars seems, well, just mean.

So, wonderful, creepy, Amazon, please wait to send me such emails until you are either selling that lens for less than $500 OR until you are giving it to me for free for being such a faithful customer OR until my husband invents an amazing data robot that takes over the world.

Thank you kindly,

A loyal customer

[Disclaimer: Do not mistake my calling amazon 'creepy' for me disliking their company. I LOVE Amazon. I order SO MANY THINGS from them. They save me SO many trips to the store. Yay, Amazon. But they are still creepy.]