Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gender Roles in the Church

I read an interesting article yesterday that was [kind of] about the debate amongst Christians on the roles of women in the church. 

My biggest take away is summed up in these quotes below:

"All of this is obvious, of course, but it may help to remind us that as important as the gender issue is for Evangelicals, especially when it affects one's understanding of marriage or of the Trinity, we are not as divided as the world would like to believe. rather that both groups rightly have a profound loyalty to Jesus Christ and hence to His Word. They believe what they do about women because they believe that their viewpoint is demanded by Scripture. This is why if anyone can demonstrate that an alternative interpretation is actually more faithful to Scripture, most Christians will readily conform their opinion to that more faithful interpretation.

In any case, although the Enemy can always pervert and exaggerate differences among Christians in order to produce painful division, the fact that we hold our different views on gender roles with a degree of passion ironically can actually bind us to each other more closely. This is so because when viewed with charity we can detect in each other a much deeper kindred spirit: the passion with which we hold our disparate views is in reality the passion of our common loyalty to the Word of God."

It's a bit long, but was a worthwhile read for me.  For the full article, click here.