Tuesday, August 6, 2013


LPS (the district I taught in last year) started work yesterday.
Wanna know something?
I'm so glad I'm not at work.
It's funny... I thought I'd feel a small amount of regret.  That I'd wonder if I was making the right move. That'd I mourn the loss of my 'working mom' status.  And I don't.  Not even an ounce of wonder.

Don't get me wrong. I liked teaching music. I loved the kids & will definitely miss my work friends.  But, as I read all the teacher blogs about people heading back, setting up classrooms, coming up with new ideas, I honestly feel grateful to be where I am.

I am content to be home full-time with Addie.  And not just content in the 'i can live with this' sense... excited!
To have more time to energetically pursue other interests - blogging, photography, reading, learning.
To have more time to spend with family - I'm in Florida on vacation right now.
To be moving across the country to Cambridge.

Do I think I'll ever teach public school music again?  I don't know.
Do I think I'll ever teach in an informal setting?  Daily.  (Parent = teacher, for better or worse.)
Do I think I'll ever teach in a formal setting again? I sure hope so!

But for now, I'm content with where God has me.
Disciple. Wife. Mother. Learner. Dreamer. Writer. Reader. Friend. Maybe more.