Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2 months already????

Since Emma is 2 months old {where did the time go?!}, it seemed fitting to write her birth story. Finally. If there can be opposites when it comes to birth, Addie and Emma's births were opposite. 
Agonizing (Addie's birth) and bliss (Emma's birth) are the two words that come to mind.

Once upon a time, I scheduled an induction for June 4, two days before Emma's due date. The reasons for picking June 4 were half logistical and half get-this-baby-outta-me. To keep it "PG," I'll just say my body was "ready" by about 37 weeks. Addie came on her own 10 days early, so I had false hope Emma would come early too. But by 39 she still wasn't here. We picked June 4 because my doctor was going out of town June 5 and my parents were arriving June 7. I was a little nervous to do an induction, but the doctor was pretty sure it wouldn't take much to get labor going. 

It is a very weird feeling to wake up one morning and know you're going to meet your baby that day. We were supposed to be at the hospital at 7. Ben got up super early to run with David. I woke up at 5:45, had a bite to eat, journaled and prayed a little, showered, and packed a couple last minute things. We went to the hospital at 7 am, answered what seemed like a million questions until 8:00. 
whew. glad i'm not carrying her around like that anymore!!! 
note to first-time preggo mommas: this is not what it looks like when you spontaneously go into labor. been there, done that, no photos. but when you wake up & go to the hospital for an induction, you are more likely to be beaming when you arrive :) 
At 8:45, our doctor arrived and broke my water. Ben and I walked around for an hour to see if breaking the water would kick start labor, but it didn't. 
They started the pitocin at 9:45. The doctor's process is to increase the amount by 2mL every 30 minutes until I'm in "active labor" (contracting regularly on my own, at 7 cm). The nurse explained that at any point, I can choose not to "up" the pitocin and just let my body do the rest if I want to proceed naturally. 
We started at 2 mL. Walked around a lot.  
Up to 4. Walked more. I could feel my body getting more amped up, and it felt exciting. We were going to meet Emma today. I debated progressing naturally (without more pitocin) the rest of the way. But we figured, go big or go home. Why not speed it up. So...
Up to 6. 
I was pretty sure I wanted an epidural with this one. I had labored too long with Addie without one. Plus it's supposed to be even harder (if that's possible) on pitocin. Knowing it would be about an hour from the time I requested it to when I got it, I requested the epidural once the pitocin was at 6, even though the pain was still manageable. The contractions were getting closer and stronger, so we stopped adding pitocin because I didn't want to be in agony for the next hour before the epidural. I jumped in the tub while waiting for the rest of the IV fluid to drip (necessary before epidural) & then waiting on the anesthesiologist. The contractions got HARD. 
The epidural went in around 11 or 12. I think.
It took well, and I was about 8 cm. They stopped the pitocin all together. 
Even with the epidural, I could feel immense pressure with every contraction. This was really different from Addie, because Addie wasn't in the right position until the last second. 
After about 30 minutes, the pressure went from only-with-contractions to constant. I couldn't not push. 
20 minutes later, she was out. 

Honestly, it was amazing in a lot of ways. It was a totally different experience from Addie's birth {which I am just realizing I never blogged about... maybe another day.} 
One thing I didn't like was  - it was a weird anticipation once they started the pitocin, but not knowing when things were going to pick up. Just walking around, with an IV in (yuck), waiting for contractions to start. Waiting for the 'real thing.' But at the end of it all, sweet Emma was born, and we were again, in love.  

at one month... 

6 weeks - first smiles 

7 weeks 

8 weeks 

and today. 

at 2 months old, she's smiley, relaxed, and pretty quiet. She cries to go to sleep, but doesn't make much noise throughout the day. Maybe she'll be introverted?? She loves being talked to and sung to though. And she seems to like her big sister. 

i'm so glad this little peanut was born 2 months ago.