Monday, July 8, 2013

camera bag

after 3 trips to chicago with my camera in the diaper bag and my lenses wrapped in clothes in the suitcase [my idea of risk-taking], i've decided to invest in a camera case.

actually, my sweet husband bought me a camera bag for christmas, but i thought i'd like to have one that could dual as a purse/diaper/camera bag and this one was a little small for that.  so i get to put that 'credit' and have yet to choose one!

this is because i agonize over decisions.  okay, agonize might be a little dramatic.
but i go back and forth, back and forth.
turkey or chicken?
burger or quesadilla?
tea or coffee?
blue or brown camera bag?
purple or aqua running shoes?
'real' or digital photo album? (which i wrote about yesterday.)

[these are real decisions i've had to make in the last 48 hours. this is clearly something i need to work on.]

and now... the decision is camera bag or inserts for any bag.

i had basically decided on this bag from Jo Totes


(although i was still debating on the color. soooo many choices. have i mentioned that lots of choices make it hard for me?)

okay, you really want to see the other color choices? since you asked. i narrowed it down to these:

i had already ruled out this beautiful light blue after polling on instagram. people pointed out it's trendy and would show dirt easily. if i was the type to own several expensive camera bags, i might buy a blue. but since i'd like to use this bag until things start falling out the holes that wear in the bottom, i better pick something classy.

and then, i looked a little more.
i shouldn't have looked.
i should have just clicked 'purchase' and made the order.
but i found this. and now i have another choice.

from this etsy shop

 it molds so you can use 1, 2, or 3 of the pockets for a variety of sized options. it comes in different colors. it's padded and made by people who make other reliable photographer gear. and you can just pop it in any bag.
i don't have a bag i love though and i'm not one to buy expensive purses.

to summarize today's dilemma in less than a million words:
do i get the bag from jo totes or the insert & buy a purse for it? 

help me decide quickly!! we have a couple vacations and a big move coming up and i need to protect the gear. :) 


  1. I'd go insert.... but I don't have a fancy camera... and don't know exactly what they need. I know my brother has a fancy case for his fancy camera... but he's a guy and doesn't need the purse/baby stuff space.

    GOOD LUCK! :)

  2. trying to find a small-ish bag for baby/ purse/ camera stuff. oh my. good thing purses are so fun to find!

  3. I'd go with the last one - caramel color. Check out this cool site from my friend with other photog stuffs: -BA

    1. I was leaning towards that yesterday! I saw a bag at target that is similar to the greyish/brown one and liked it less in person than I thought. your friend's gear is so cool! way cooler than me for sure. Also, i love the name of his company.