Saturday, August 24, 2013

arriving to cambridge

Ben arrived with his dad a day earlier than Addie and me.  So, he sent me pictures (which I did not at all beg for...sarcasm) so I could see everything!! 

a little swingset and baby play area right outside our apartment. 


1635!!! holy cow that's old! 

saying goodbye to papa in the airport was sad :( 

for the relatives & friends who want to see our place, here it goes. a couple years ago, i might have been embarrassed to put up pics of my home in such disarray, but you know what? it's life. maybe i've grown a little. 
this is the view from near the front door. 

addie was really helpful in unpacking.

absolutely necessary for the morning after we arrived. my mom actually had bought us a few essential groceries - milk, coffee, cream, cereal.  but after 10 minutes of looking through kitchen boxes for all the pieces of my coffee maker, i gave up and we walked to a local coffee shop. 

grandad taking a break from slave work helping to play with Addie.

another view of the living area from the other side.  "balcony" door on the right. 

installing those awesome shelves was no small feat.  i am SO thankful to my dad and ben for those.  my dad said they'll probably never come down; not sure how the apartment complex management will feel about that? I think we've done all future tenants a favor considering there are 5 cabinets in the kitchen.  on the other hand, we might have to escape and change our names when we move out so they don't hunt us down.  
also, i spy a tiny red high chair! 

the rest of the kitchen. 

nursery/ storage/ playroom

our bedroom/ office

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  1. Love it! Thanks so much for posting pics! I've been anxiously awaiting to see your new place! :)