Friday, September 13, 2013

Cooking Series #1 - 3 Easy Recipes

When I'm making dinner, I often think, "I should blog... this recipe OR quick-tip OR go-to dinner."
So I've decided to do a series on cooking for regular folk. In this series, I will cover...
My favorite go-to meals
Easy, healthy sides
Simple entertaining
How to eat well on a budget
Recipe Organization

Let's start with 3 of my favorite go-to recipes.
If I need a filler for the menu on a given week, one or two of these definitely make it on there.

1. Tilapia - even if you're 'not a fish person' or 'don't cook fish', this is SO easy and yummy. trust me! Oh and, apparently I love this tilapia recipe so much that I posted it twice within two months of each other here. So, if you weren't convinced with the first link, try this one!
2. Chicken Pad Thai - delicious & friendly for your gluten free friends.
3. Chicken Enchilada Soup - this one is only a go-to recipe in the winter for us.

Don't worry - more of that deliciousness to come in the following days! Are you going to try anything?