Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday stuff.

i have been on the phone allllll day.

Fun phone calls - playing travel agent with my mom and with my sweet friend, both of whom are coming to visit us in the next two weeks. [Side note: we have visitors 4 weekends in a row! woohoo!]

Not fun phone calls - type phone calls. LAME-O!

Also, a bike ride with Addie 10 minutes farther than we were actually going because I accidentally google mapped directions to the Harvard Bank ATM instead of the actual bank, which was very close to our house. Oh well. She was patient and the weather was perfect for a little bike ride.

Speaking of my patient, perfect angel... I tried this bow on her today. It was so hard to get a picture of her still... this girl is on the move. [Excuse the TERRIBLE quality. iPhone cam + movin baby]

This is not a Monday thing. But sometimes, if I'm holding her, she just launches at me, grabs my face and gives 'kisses.' She is so affectionate and sweet! This was one of the first things she learned to do associated with a word. :)

My husband walked in the door from class/ work today and could see my level of whatever you want to call it [not stress or tension; but some sort of hyperactive crazy-eye look that communicated I NEED TO NOT BE DOING WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING]... and the second sentence out of his mouth was, "do you want me to have Addie for a while while you got a coffee shop or on a walk or something?"

I was out the door faster than Addie crawls for cords that are in eye-sight!
Okay, actually, I wanted to hang out with him, so we had dinner and he and addie and I walked to starbucks. Then they left. And I stayed. [sweet serenity and solitude!!]

By the way, I ordered that caramel apple spice with so much pizazz and excitement. I'm sure the barista was quite overwhelmed by me. Also, I think it's cool to be chill when you're a barista in cambridge. So my level of enthusiasm screamed "i am not cool."

oh well. Addie thinks I'm cool.

I was going to make these for dinner.
But then the aforementioned offer came [and I noticed you have to make them 2 hours before you want to eat them] and it was already 6... so... frozen pizza it was.
Amazing dinner tomorrow night. Maybe.

I put out a couple plugs for taking in another little one part-time with my Addie girl to supplement our income.  I got SO many responses. Praise the Lord. I'm pursuing several options and going to see what works out.

And now for some pics that have nothing to do with Monday...

These are just growing in front of a house up the street. Such happy flowers!

Addie and I strolled through Anthropology for an afternoon outing last week. [Sometimes us girls just need a little outing.] They had so.many.pretty.dishes. And mugs. I swoon for pretty mugs!!
 And they had magnetic timers. Someday, I'm going to make a cute sign for my fridge that is dry-eraseable and has 3 columns. And I'll put one of these timers under each column. And then I'll write what the timer is for, so that when I am trying to keep track of 3 different things baking... none of them will burn. And this awesome DIY project will look so cute and crafty that you will pin it like crazy :)
 so many pretty dishes.
 She is learning by experience that it's harder to have her bottle on her stomach. I try to turn her over, but she's persistent. So, whatever. To each her own.

 So happy in the morning while mom is getting ready.
 On a morning walk. Perfect for a blanket, a hat, a fleece (and a coffee.) Mmmm.

Off to watch the West Wing. With my husband. We are loving this show.

Happy Monday folks.