Monday, September 2, 2013

How to get rid of pantry moths

This is what our Sunday night looked like:

But Renee, you are wondering, why would you be reorganizing your kitchen when you just moved in and it was so beautifully & perfectly organized already? 

3 Words: pantry.moth.infestation.

The word infestation makes me want to puke. I literally had the physically heebie jeebies. I felt like things were crawling on me at the thought of those nasty moth larvae lodged into the bottom of my canned goods. 


Mad props to my AHmazing husband who did all the nasty vacuuming and moth destroying.

If you ever have to de-infest, this is the method we used.

I'll let you know in a few days if it worked.

When we were done, we ate brownies & watched The West Wing.

Was your Sunday night as awesome as ours?


  1. Our Sunday night was rather boring. But I spent the day today, watching my niece (2 years) and nephew (11 months)..... and Braydon! :) It was much more fun than vacuuming moths. However, i could go for a brownie right about now! :)

  2. Sometimes it become very hard to get rid of pantry moth. They are very dangerous. I hate them for creating allergic effect on the body. clothing moths traps are really good for getting rid of them.

    1. Lima, thanks for the tip! Glad you stopped by... How'd you find my blog? :)


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