Friday, September 20, 2013

Bike Ride Success!

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a failed bike mission. After we got over the trauma, we ordered another helmet. No stranger to bike rides ending in tears, we set out on a new mission with a bit of a different strategy.

New Mission: Ride the bike and come back with minimal tears. 
New Strategy: Go with dad too; do not have a particular destination goal in mind. Just ride the bike. 

This is where we headed - the Charles River bike path a mile or 2 from us. 

Well, we were having such a grand old time that we stayed out a bit too long. All of the sudden, we hit the too-tired-to-be-on-a-semi-bumpy-bike-ride. So we promptly proceeded to turn around. A 15 minute ride to get back home, and the tears started coming. At one point, she was crying hard. Hard enough that onlookers wondered if perhaps we had snatched that baby on the back of our bikes screaming her lungs out. Oh dear.

We made it home. Really, it was much more successful than the first one, especially since the helmet worked and wasn't terrible. She'll get used to the whole thing. Meanwhile, we had some bonding time with our helmet while waiting for dad to put the bikes away.

kisses for the helmet.

Status: mission success. 

Of course, there were some tears, but really, it wasn't that bad. And we've been on the bike 3 times since then without a tear! In fact, it turns out, people are very nice to you as a biker when you have a smiley, chubby-cheeked baby in a bike seat with a cute flowered helmet.