Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Comment Luv Installation

I just installed 'commentluv' on my blog & want to see how it works.
It allows others to see the most recent posts you've written on your blog or website if you comment below.
I have been seeing it a lot of places on the internet. I'll be commenting on a blog and realize it posts a link to my most recent article. Well that's kinda cool! I thought. I wish I had a website that would do that. As it turns out, any old blog can just install the commentluv plug-in. So I gave it a whirl.
Do you mind trying to leave a comment below?
Here's the feedback I'm looking for...
Is it easy?
If you blog, is the link to your most recent post working & accurate?
If you don't blog, is this type of commenting the same, worse, or better than before?

I'm not set on having this type of commenting installed on my blog - only if it makes it a better way to connect with readers.


p.s. if you want it too, here are the instructions I used :)


  1. Commenting is easy bc I'm already logged into my Google acct. I'd say commenting is the same as anything else I've seen but can't say I'm the most in tune with the blog world. I don't have a blog so can't answer Q#2. This is probably not the most helpful comment but at least I'm helping you test:)

  2. Well, here it goes. I am commenting...... :)
    I'm not sure I see anything different...
    But I'm tired today.... so who knows!
    Have a super day.

  3. Thank you so much, Marni & Mama Fujan!! As far as I could see, 'Comment Luv' was up and running for like 20 minutes. Hmm. Gonna try again. Mama Fujan, since you write a blog, come back and see if you can try it again later. The comment form should look different and if it works, it'd post the title of your most recent blog post along with your comment on my blog :)