Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Article - A Hidden Calling

I read this article the other day.
It was so moving to me.
Read it.

After reading it, I started thinking...
His parents really missed out. I mean, he was first entrusted to them. And God had a plan for that little boy, so He used the nanny instead. She made much of her influence on that child. Praise God for her.

As for me, who knows what my kid will do one day, or who they will grow up to be?
One thing is certain though - God has placed little Adelyn in my hands.
And I have great influence over her.
She has been entrusted to me.
That is seriously humbling.

In the midst of diapers, learning to crawl, and bananas smeared everywhere, the reality of her little heart sometimes escapes me. She is a little person, with a soul. She has a heart to mold, impress upon, shape.

This is my calling.

And if you have kids, it's your calling too.

God, give me the grace to raise her well. May she will follow you, and change the world for the better.

Whether the children in your life are your own or somebody else's, this article is a great reminder to be aware of the influence you have over others. Especially kids.

You never know who they'll be one day...