Sunday, March 1, 2015

hibernating with a toddler

March. It is MARCH.
2015 is 1/6 over.
I am convinced that more people in your family makes time pass by more quickly. [And yet some days seem to last 37 hours. How this is possible, I am not sure.]

Life lately has been slow in some ways. Many days where we've stayed home - too sick or too cold or too something to go out. Many days where no one gets dressed. Many days where we fill the house with cozy blankets and books and puzzles. And lest you think this sounds like some wintery fairy tale, many days of a stir-crazy-summer-loving momma drinking TONS coffee, secretly bingeing on girl scout cookies [please tell me I'm not alone in this] repeating in her head "only one life, twill soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last." That has honestly been my make-it-thru-the-winter-with-littles mantra. Because this raising children business, it is the business of eternity. And it matters. And we can talk more about that another time. But for now, I'm scrolling through February pictures, and wanting to let you peek inside our 9 to11 am part of the day. When Emma naps and I try to do two things: tackle a few household tasks + do/play/read something with Addie. (Side note: I'm hoping that over the course of this year, I can introduce more Montessori-inspired activities for her to work on during Emma's nap. But that is a separate post. Or 100.)

This Fisher Price Builder set is a favorite.

When you can choose between reading in a fort or reading on the living room floor, why not choose fort?

Although sometimes, a blanket-table fort is not an option, and so we settle for reading on the floor.

Did you notice that outfit? this girl and her outfits. [More on that another time.]

We painted valentines.

Then, we addressed, stamped, stuffed, and sealed our valentines. We drove them to the blue mailbox at the post office and slipped them in the slot. "Too noisy. Bye bye va-wen-tines." (You can see Addie "writing a note like momma does.") You'll also notice my drug of choice in the bottom left corner.

Snagged some trains off craiglist for $10. She really likes trains. She likes to play these by herself, or with someone. She doesn't even seem to mind Emma crawling all over the tracks. In this particular picture, I had a "fun mom" moment and we were launching the trains off the edge of the stairs. 

 And we read. We read a LOT. I read to her. She reads by herself. More recently, we read our separate books on the couch next to each other. If I would sit next to her all day long and read books, she'd sit and listen. This girl LOVES to read. I hope she never tires of it.

How's your winter been?