Monday, January 19, 2015

Lessons I've learned from my kids #2

One of the pros (and sometimes cons) of stay-at-home-motherhood is a lot of time to think. Occasionally, these life lessons of sort come to mind during the day, and if I can find a moment or two to jot them down, they stick. It's amazing what we can learn through these tiny little people running around, if we're willing. I wrote about one the other day.

Here's another.

One summer night, the four of us were outside after dinner, enjoying the calm summer evening surviving until bedtime. Addie loves playing with water. So, we had the kiddie pool filled, and she was busy scooping and pouring from one cup to another. Then she started filling all the various cups and containers and bringing them across the patio. Her process went like this:

Scoop one cup to be full of water.
Pour it into another cup to fill that cup.
Carefully pick up the now-full cup.
Walk it over to the other side of the patio where mom and dad are sitting... spilling along the way.
Carefully set down the now 3/4-full cup.
Run back to the pool and repeat.

She did this 6 times until there were 6 little plastic cups, each between 1/2 and 3/4 filled with gross pool/rain water. She barely acknowledged us watching her. She was so busy scooping, pouring, carrying. Ben and I giggled lovingly at her concentrating so hard on something so trivial. And then, my ever-so-observant-and-brilliant husband commented, "I wonder if this is how God feels about our work."

We laughed.
But seriously.
Do we just busy about, trying to make sense of life on earth, going going going, doing whatever the heck we want, working so hard, spilling along the way? While God is watching, lovingly, maybe even giggling, wondering when we'll realize ... it's trivial. Our projects and busyness, while not necessarily inherently "bad" (and perhaps, even, inherently good) can still be distracting and inefficient. We can be busy our whole lives and miss the point of life entirely.

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