Wednesday, March 4, 2015

9 Months!

9 months!!! Remember that time I posted about her being 2 months, and then I blinked and 7 more months went by? 

One of the most fun things about babies is the age, sometime around 8 months, when their personalities really start to come out. You can't really pin point them yet, but they start to come into their own. Emma is so different from how Addie was at 8 months, and yet both are/were generally sweet and happy. 

We love watching their personalities develop and wondering what characteristics will stick! 

Emma seems spunky. Funny. Already likes to make people laugh. Not the normal I-do-whatever-you-react-to-over-and-over. It's like she goes out of her way to think of how to be funny. She has the goofiest faces and expressions and sounds. This is her current version of a scrunchy face. Which she's been rocking for a couple months now, and it isn't getting any less adorable. 

Persistent. She seems to be a fighter. She crawled every single morning (for many many mornings) into the bathroom where there is a space heater to play with the cords. Firm no, move away. Repeat. If I am helping Addie get dressed, Emma will zoom over to pull herself up on me. She'll attempt to climb all over me. I'll keep gently placing her away and telling her to be patient while I help Addie. The girl doesn't quit. She will pull on my clothes and claw at my face until I'm done. When she is ready to get up in the morning, she doesn't cry so much as shout/ demand from her crib. This has been true basically since she could sit up.

And she is happy. She can be breaking a tooth, dripping with green snot, and have goopy pink-eye eyes (all those things at once, true story) and be so so happy.

We love our Emma.