Saturday, March 28, 2015

Rainy Day

It rained here the other day.
It was dark and cozy all morning.

Rainy mornings are good for window stickers. (We have these, but I might get her these to change it up.)

And reading. (She's reading this book, which we love because it has real pictures.) 

and cooking

And working on letters. I'm not sure where she heard she was supposed to try to color inside the dots. 

 Apparently coloring in the dots is only fun for so long though. (p.s. this is just washable crayola marker on sheet protectors... fun over and over and over and over. sometimes she uses dry erase markers and erases herself.) 

rainy days are also good for sending notes to friends and drinking extra cups of coffee. oh wait, every day is good for extra coffee.

Reading this book now. VERY interesting. If you're into being a millionaire, that is. 

rainy days are also good for putting puzzles pieces in our sweater.... 

this sweater has elastic around the bottom so the pieces weren't falling out. At first, she thought it was funny that she had a pile of puzzle pieces on her tummy, but she was quickly irritated when they wouldn't come out.  These pictures don't do justice how many pieces she put down there. [insert smile/ crying emoji.]

What do you do on a rainy day? Puzzle pieces in your shirt, extra coffee, read, or all of the above?