Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2015 Goal #3 - Intellectual

My intellectual goal for 2015 is to read.
Because it has to be measurable, I picked 6 books. That's a book every other month.
I'm not sure if reading books is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of intellectual goals And I even debated making a goal in the intellectual category. But reading is good. It makes you smarter. And you learn stuff. And readers are leaders. The days of having little kids at home, while a huge blessing to our family, and something I wouldn't trade, are filled "mind blowing monotony" as a dear friend put it to me.
So reading would be good for this momma's brain.

Last year, I think I read three books cover to cover. At the most. (Besides Bible study books & Sandra Boynton books.)
I really enjoy reading but I've bumped it down the list behind other things I like doing with my limited free time. We're not big read-before-bedtime people, so I mostly end up reading on vacation.
Addie has started to enjoy reading/ being read to, especially library books. She'll sit for 5 to 10 longer books in a row. We do this most days. Sometimes, we'll read some and then I'll say it's time for mommy to read her book and Addie to read hers and I can squeeze in a chapter or two this way.

It is what it is. 6 books this year would be a win!
I'm almost done with this one:

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What should be next on my list?
Do you have 'intellectual goals'?