Thursday, March 19, 2015

Too much cuteness!

There has been too much cuteness here the past couple days. I just had to take a break from goals for this.

Yesterday, Addie woke up and the first thing she said "glasses in my jammies."
I didn't know what she was talking about. She grabbed the back of her legs and repeated it: "glasses in my jammies mama. That's silly."

So I felt through her one-piece zip up jammies. And sure enough, I felt sunglasses.
We unzipped and took them out. Ha! I didn't know where these came from!! I assume Grammy's house (she came home yesterday from there with jammies on because I teach piano on Tuesday nights and they help out with childcare). It's even funnier because she's been asking for sunglasses (probably because I wear them) and complaining about the sun being bright in her eyes in the car. I was hoping to find some in Target's dollar section. Anyway, she was pumped to find these in her jammies this morning.

When I told Ben this story last night, he said she was playing with those glasses at Grammy's and Ben took them off and put them away while they were getting ready to go, assuming they weren't hers. Then she was talking about glasses as they left so he thought maybe I had bought her some, so he went back to get them but couldn't find them anywhere. He just told her they'll have to look for them next time. Very sneaky - they were in her jammies the whole time!  

Now that Addie is kinda sorta potty training (but by no means potty trained), I put Emma back in cloth. For some reason it seems easier to cloth diaper one kid than 2. Plus 2 kids in disposables for 10 months has been cramping the budget. More on this later. Anyway, someone on craigslist gave (as in free, even though I offered to pay) me 8 diaper covers. And this denim one is definitely the cutest! 

It has a pocket!!!

And she was 'crawling' like this today. Ha!

Addie's face = "no emma don't take my markers." 

Speaking of potty training... 

Sometimes Addie likes to go play downstairs by herself for a few minutes. She called to me upstairs, "Mama, look what Addie did!" She was so proud of herself.

"look mama, that one and that one and that one and that one."

I scored this old kids rocking chair on craigslist for $10. Spray painted yellow. The original intent was to "flip" for resale, but I couldn't resist it in her room.

she was SO excited.

This child loves to read.

A lot of stay at home mom life is mundane, exhausting, & honestly, gross. These sweet little angels produce a lot of bodily fluid. (On this same day, one of the top 3 grosses moments of motherhood thus far happened. Maybe i'll tell that story tomorrow.) ;) 

much of it is very very precious and at the end of the day, it's a privilege to be the one home with my kids.
A privilege I'm thankful for. 
A privilege not everyone gets.
Catching these normal day to day moments. 
Seeing what they like to play with. 
Watching them interact with each other and figure out new things like how to crawl on your feet and how to line up animals. 
These girls have no idea how much I love them.  

oh, and on that note, i leave you with the world's cutest pony tail