Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2015 Goal #6 - Career

This is the 7th post in a series about my 2015 goals. [Here are the first 6 posts: goal-making, spiritual, physical, intellectual, social, financial]   
Are you sick of them yet? I'm sure at least my mom is still reading.

Up today: Career

At first I scratched this category out and wrote 'parenting' instead. But, as you'll see tomorrow, I ended up making a separate parenting goal apart from career.

This category is the fuzziest for me. It brings up a whole mix of feelings from:
I'm totally okay with people/ society not valuing the stay-at-home-mom job.
let me tell you what i really think about it
Does get my toddler potty trained before 5 count as a career goal?

Sometimes I'll fill out a survey or questionnaire or form for something and I have to check 'unemployed.'

Where is the mom box?  

Do my goals as a mom count for career too? Mostly, yes.
I've decided that mom duties require most of my energy and attention right now, and so,
for me, being a mom is my career. (I know lots of moms work outside the home too, but by choosing it as a career, i mean I'm caring for my children with the majority of my waking hours instead of working outside the home.)

(I had a brief stint as a public school teacher. It feels like a lifetime ago. You can read about that life here or here or here. or here.)

I teach 7 piano lessons a week to bring in a little extra money... do I make goals for that?

I've also thought in the past I should monetize this blog, or perhaps try freelance writing for websites because I love love love writing and enjoy putting time and energy into it. It feels like a challenge. But does that fit into the aforementioned caring for my children the majority of my waking hours?

Do you see why it's a fuzzy one?

All that being said, I have decided for 2015 to focus on one 'career' - related thing aside from mom tasks.
Become a better writer by practicing a lot and investigate ways to monetize a website/ blog. 

Oops, that's 2. But they're VERY related. So let's count them as 1.

For whatever reason, I really feel like the Lord has placed writing on my heart.
I don't really know why.
But it's an urge I often can't suppress. A thought will come to mind, and I have to get it in writing.
Granted, sometimes I go to write it down and it's gone, or I get interrupted with Emma grabbing Addie's yogurt bowl and dumping it on the ground. So there's that.

But, I'm hoping 2015 will be a year of writing.
Of becoming a better writer. Even if it never monetizes (in which case I'm pretty sure it'll have to move from "career" to "hobby"), it's a fun adventure to be on - capturing life with words.

And in the mean time, I'll count 'mom' as a career too.