Thursday, March 5, 2015

cautiously optimistic

Can I just say, we left Boston in the nick of time. Holy armageddon out there.
Meanwhile it's been pretty mild here this winter.
Sure it gets to be -10 and windy some days. But mostly it's a balmy 20 degrees with not too much snow. Just your average midwest winter.

But in February it snowed a good bit in one night (6 to 7 inches, melted the following week is my kind of snow), so Ben took Addie out to see what the snow feels like.

She was cautiously optimistic.
Her face in this picture says it all.

Grandma Cathy was visiting and she made some hot cocoa - by far Addie's favorite part of playing in the snow. For days afterwards she would ask for more. 
We're working on a polite voice and not making snobby sounding demands. When I remind her to change her tone/ voice, she'll switch into this almost fake-sweet sounding voice and say, "mama, I have some hot cocoa special treat?" It's hard to resist. Also, the other way she expresses excitement is to add the word yay. 
"Addie have some hot cocoa now, yayyyyy!" (It's hard to capture in words, I'll try to catch a video.) 

She was beside herself to be drinking it in daddy's mug. Sometimes it's fun to remember it's okay to be very very excited about the very small things in life. #toddler 

one or two snowfalls was enough for me this winter. i'm ready for spring :)