Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Works for me wednesday no.4 - $2.50 furniture. kinda.

Haven't done WFMW in a while... but what's been working for me on wednesdays lately is surviving. (aka: everyone is fed and clothed.)

Anyway, Bought this at a garage sale for $37.50.

Put the bottom half in my living room for toy storage & entryway type stuff.
Sold the top half on craigslist for $35.
So, basically, I paid $2.50. That's a good deal in my book.
Granted, it'll cost more once you factor in the cost of new knobs, because the current ones definitely will go! Is it just me or does anthropologie have the prettiest hardware?

I like these.

and these.

and these

and these
and everything on their site! 

I'm going with as much color as possible in my house since all the walls and floors are BEIGE. so.much.beige. with medium-brown wood trim. mainly yellow, grey, coral, green, and blue. (is that even a color scheme? or a rainbow? i don't know.)

Anyway, which are your favorites? I can't decide. Well, we have some time to decide since those are each 8 bucks a pop! Gotta save up my cash-o-la. I suppose it's only fair to add in the cost of the knobs to the piece overall - 6 knobs = +$48.

New living room storage + knobs= $50.50 (if I order anthropologie knobs, that is...)

Fifty-fifty. That's fun. Anyway, it still works for me!

You can read more of my thoughts on buying from craigslist here.
Selling on craigslist tips - coming soon :)

Happy Wednesday!
What's working for you today?

and for some bonus cuteness on your wednesday...
can't get enough of her :)

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