Tuesday, July 29, 2014

19 months

quarter sized bruise courtesy of a recent face plant off the porch steps. 
19 months today. 
Busier, sweeter, & more adventurous than ever.
She loves when we make up songs & requests to sing them over and over. and over. If you grew up in Sunday school in the 90s you might remember that song where you spelled the word B-I-B-L-E? 
the B-I-B-L-E, yes that's the book for me, I stand alone on the word of God, the B-I-B-L-EEEE. BIBLE!!" 

Well, growing up, my family sang a few versions of that song. To the same tune, my parents would spell our names... 
Our R-E-N-E-E, yes she's the girl for me, she's our daughter and we love her so, our R-E-N-E-E..." 
You get the idea.

Conveniently, Addie's name ends in an E, so Grandma Cathy (now called, Mimi) first introduced her to it. She loves this song. She requests it often. "Addieeeee" is how she asks for it. After we'd been singing it for a few weeks, she started spelling her name... kinda. (Not that she understands she's spelling her name.)
"A-d-d-d-eeeee, Addieeee!" 
"A-d-d, Addieeeeee!" 
 Sometimes she gets it right though.
"A-d-d-i-e, Addieeee!" 

Her favorite word is probably "no." She immediately answers "no" to every question before thinking. Then, if it's something she actually does want, she asks for it. 
For example... 
me: "addie, would you like some water?" 
her: "no" 
me: "ok." 
her: "wa-wa. pease. wa-wa." 
me: "so, yes please you would like some water..?"
her: "pease." 

She LOVES Emma. She asks for her every morning. When I tell Addie that Emma is still sleeping, she puts her finger to her nose and blows out. She thinks she's mimicking me saying "shhhh." :) 

Her other favorite playmate is her cousin Lanie. The girls are 5 1/2 months apart. Addie giggles when I tell her we're going to see Lanie and says "Nay-nee" all the way to see her. They usually greet each other with a big hug. They even share toys pretty well considering they're toddlers. I'm so so so so so thankful Addie can have a cousin who is her playmate and friend. 
at uncle "day-day's" basketball game.

19 months was also the first time she asked to wear something specific. 
Ben's shirt. 
It doesn't get much cuter than that. 
I tied it up in the back because she kept tripping on it. The sleeves were too long and kept going over her hands. This looked annoying because it made it hard to pick up things, but when I asked her if she wanted to take Dad's shirt off, she said "no." 
Also, first fort :) She didn't really get it. Maybe next month. 

Speaking of Ben, she LOVES when dad comes home :) 
I usually give her a one or two minute heads up to when I think he'll be here. She talks about it for the next couple minutes, sometimes waiting at the door looking out the window. 

When she sees his car pull up, she starts giggling and saying 'da-da, da-da." 
If she's not waiting right at the door, she comes running when she hears it open. 

 Some other 19 month old activities include...

big girl swing


petting goats with old friends

 pushing her baby doll in the stroller. the stroller isn't just for pushing a baby though...it's also fun to crash the stroller into stuff & play with the buckle. 

She imitates a lot of what i do with Emma with her baby doll... rocking, swinging, stroller rides. It's pretty cute. (Plus, it's my Bitty Baby from when I was little. So that's pretty cute too.) She also calls her baby "Emma," despite our attempts to give it a different name. Actually, every baby she sees, she calls "Emma..." She doesn't really get that some babies have other names. 
19 months. 
Busy, fun, curious, & exhausting.
We have our good days and our not-so-good days.
But on all days, I love her. 
More than I ever knew was possible. 
She is a blessing and a joy.  
I love you, sweet Adelyn Joy.