Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the beginning of a friendship

Addie came to meet Emma in the hospital, and those moments were sweet. A couple hours after delivery, Ben's mom brought Addie to the hospital. Ben went to meet them in the waiting room and bring Addie back to me. I heard Addie say "hi" to all the nurses in the hallway, so I set Emma down on the corner of the bed figuring it'd be better if I wasn't holding Emma. I'd read that my toddler wouldn't care much about the baby and would be excited to see me since I'd been gone, so I wasn't expecting much. The plan was for Ben to scoop Emma up and go put her in her little basket so that we could have some Addie-time. Addie walked in and the first thing she said was "baby-eeeeeee!" She was so excited. I acknowledged the baby but then tried to have Addie give me a hug and kiss and give her some attention. All she wanted was to see the baby. She gave her kisses and snuggles, and just kept saying "baby, baby." We told her that was Emma (we'd been talking about baby Emma in mommy's tummy). Who knows how much she understood, but she seemed more excited that it was baby Emma than just any old baby. 
Those first moments as our family of 4 were so sweet and unexpected. For once, I didn't even want a photo of it (so, there are none.) I just wanted to soak it all in. What joy! 

When Ben and I brought Emma home, Addie was again excited to see Emma. And this time, I did take a few pictures :) 

These photos are by no means a work of art, but they freeze these sweet moments in time. The beginning of their life-long friendship. So thankful for these girls and the wonderful relationship God is going to give them! 

She is never quite sure why Emma won't take the toys she tries to share...