Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A new blogging style.

So I haven't blogged much since baby #2. But I've wanted to. Thoughts come in and out. They float around in my head. Some are deep. Many are not. And I think, oh, i want to write this down. But then, BAM! They get interrupted.
Snot needs to be wiped off.
Puke wiped up. (I kid you not. Day one of being home with 2 by myself....)
Milk pumped.
Baby nursed.
Dinner heated. (Notice, I did not say cooked.)
And good gracious, people need to get outside and get some fresh air.

So, I was trying to figure out yesterday during naptime, when exactly I will write? Naps are an obvious block of time, but during naptime, I don't have thoughts. I just let my mind rest. I drink coffee, recharge, and then unpack. (Yes, you read correctly. We are STILL unpacking.)

Anyway, it dawned on me last night. Life is full of interruptions these days. And it will be for a while. That is my season. So, maybe I should write in a more interrupted style. If I try to write any other way, it will never happen. Maybe this blog should take a turn. Change to fit our new season.
One thought here.
Another one there.
Random and kinda all over the place.
Because that's how it is over here.

One more thing.
We visited a church one time when I was pregnant. We met a nice family there. The wife emailed me several weeks after we visited to 1.) ask how i was doing with 2 kids (2.) offer to bring me a meal (3.) invite me to a mom's hangout night (4.) invite my husband and i for dinner. Seriously.
How nice is that? I took her up on all of it. Because, well, I don't turn down food, moms are fun and I don't know many here, & we love dinner with other people.
That probably didn't need explaining.

And now, I'm going to have a cup of coffee, a brownie, and a shower. [happy sigh.]
I'll leave you with this.

emma's face says it all. (side note: you can expect most of my photos henceforth to be blurry, dark, and unedited. a'int nobody got time for that.)