Monday, July 21, 2014


I recently wrote about a new blogging style to match our new life.
Brief. Interrupted.
I'm not quite sure how to articulate the changes in going from 1 to 2 kiddos. It's... Busier. I used to think people didn't take photos of the second kids because things weren't as exciting the second time around. Not true! Every smile and coo is so sweet. The yawns and goofy faces are just as cute. But what's different is my camera is in a cabinet so that #1 doesn't help herself to it. And in order to grab it, I'd be risking # 2's life by leaving her on the floor in a room with #1... Whose affections towards her baby sister are strong, to say the least. And by then, the smile is over. 
Occasionally I catch something though. So, blurry as they may be, here are some moments from last week.

Addie demolished the nectarine which she insisted was an apple. 


Emma wondering where Addie's pants are


Emma likes the park too.

This is reason number #1438 why my husband is awesome. He cuts our brownies out of the middle. 

Ok. So not the world's finest photos. I'm trying to capture the moments mentally. Trying to soak it in. They'll only be this young once. I can see how people who are further along in life say these days with littles are a blur. Sometimes by the end of the week I wonder, what happened this week?! What did we do? Wasn't my kitchen clean this morning? How is my to-do list still a million miles long? 

I'm pretty sure that by the time our house is unpacked and there are end tables instead of boxes, we'll be moving out. Oh well.