Sunday, July 13, 2014

Across the bridge.

Yesterday, we went to a lake near us for the morning. Ben had to do a run for marathon training, so I walked with the girls and then we went to a playground.

See the bridge? This particular bridge was rather steep and wobbly. Plus the "railings" were chains so they weren't very stable. I helped Addie over it several times. She was nervous to take steps on the downward slope to get on the bridge. Then, Emma needed to eat. So I was watching Addie from the park bench. There were several other moms, dads, and kids at the park. She walked up to the bridge, looked around and said, "Hep-pease."
Translation: help please.
She usually says this phrase, along with everything else, a minimum of 3 times. (Anyone else's toddlers do this, or just mine?)
"Hep-pease, hep-pease, hep-pease."
Nobody was paying attention.
She grabbed the chain with one hand and started to put one foot on the bridge. As it wobbled, she pulled the foot back. She did this a few times. Grabbed the chain with both hands. Hesitantly put a foot forward, and then another. One foot at a time. Slowly but surely, she made it down the steepest part at the beginning of the bridge. Then, she walked all the way across by herself, speeding up towards the end. She became more confident as she crossed. Wobbly bridge fear conquered. [Proud mommy!]

As I watched, it seemed like the scariest part to her was the beginning. She couldn't get a solid footing on the bridge. Almost as if she wasn't sure it'd hold her. But, one foot at a time, she realized it would hold her. And as she made it towards the middle of the bridge, she felt a little more confident. She could pick up her pace. It wasn't as bad as it seemed.

Do you have a fear to conquer? Find something solid to hold onto. Take the first step. Then another. Then another. Until you feel confident enough to pick up your pace. And then cross the entire bridge. You can do it!

By the way, after she crossed the bridge, she looked around, almost as if to see if anyone was watching. No one was... (except me of course, but she couldn't see me), but life is like that sometimes, isn't it? You do something that's hard and awesome, and no one notices. But you know what surprised me? She made her "excited" face. She usually makes this face when she figures out something new, or when she does something she really likes many times in a row. And usually, I'm watching. Because she doesn't spend a lot of time unsupervised these days ;)
But this time, as far as she could see, no one was watching. It didn't matter though, because she still felt awesome. Awesome enough to make her excited face. It looks like this.

That's probably how you'll feel once you cross the bridge.
Go for it!