Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Please follow...

Someone recently asked me questions about "following" a blog, as opposed to just reading it. Also, I've had many friends and family tell me, "I just love reading your blog."  So, that has led me to believe, many people don't know how (or choose not to) "follow" the blog; instead, they just enter the address or click from Facebook or keep it bookmarked.  If that is you, and you read regularly, can I ask you to please consider "following?"

Here's why... 
1- I'd like to know who's reading. 
2- I'd like to "up" the readership so I can consider joining a blogging network.
3 - it's easier to comment on the blog if you 'follow'  & commenting creates dialogue & i'm an extrovert therefore i love dialogue :) 

Not sold? Email me or comment below and I can answer questions.  

Sold on "following?" Or at least willing to help a sista out? :) There are many types of blog readers for "following" blogs. The advantage for you (if you don't already use one) is that a 'reader' puts all the websites you like to read in one place and shows you the updates/ new posts so that you don't have to have a million sites bookmarked across the top of your browser.  Another advantage is you don't have to keep checking to see if people updated the sites you like to read. You can just open your reader, see what's new for the day, read, and close.  

UPDATE - I changed the directions. 
way easier now.
thank goodness.

you can either...
follow by email
go to 'blogger' on google and join
click FOLLOW ON BLOGLOVIN, which is a separate reader I just joined.

each one will walk you through the step-by-step; comment or email with questions.

thanks for 'following!'