Thursday, July 25, 2013

Green Lake Vacation

Well, we were on vacation for 9 days with the Pierces (my family) hence the absence in posts. 
It was fun, relaxing, good family time.
We were in Green Lake, WI.
A friend texted me yesterday... "y u no blog"
So, time to get back to it!! 

 there was laughing

there were hats

there was fishing


 there was tubing

 Bri/ Viv & Ben/ Me each took a night cooking... my mom took the rest.

 there was hammocking

 there was mini-golfing in the dells
yes - that is the top of a neon sleeveless wisconsin dells shirt with a mustache on my husband. 

 there was smooching

there was swinging

and there were sunsets.