Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Matthew & Jessica Engagement

So remember when I mentioned that photo op with Ben's cousins? I was only a little excited. We went a couple weeks ago to Elmwood Park here in Omaha and shot for just under an hour.  It started to get SUPER hot towards the end. Good ol' July in Nebraska.  Hot and humid by 9 am.

Anyway, even though there wasn't much to lose, I felt like I was going on stage to sing back in high school or college. I don't know why I was nervous, but there it is. I was.

Looking through the pictures afterwards, it was easy to spot a million things I would have done differently.  Different settings, different angles, different positions.  But that's the goal, right? Learning. Getting better each time.

Here were some of my favorites... meaning ones I'm not embarrassed to show you or Matthew & Jessica :)  They were such troopers and I'm sooooo appreciative they let me practice on them.

i love how natural their smiles look here.  

this picture makes me feel like i'm sneaking up on a moment :) 

the way Matthew looked at her was so sweet! 

isn't that ring setting beautiful!?

that excited look is so fun! 

After I stopped being nervous, it was so fun to take pics with these two.  Props to Matt and Jess for being such troopers!  Here's to hoping they like some of them ;)