Thursday, January 19, 2012


as you probably know, i give private piano and voice lessons here in Lincoln.  Yesterday, 3 of my lessons that happen to be back-to-back-to-back were a 67 year old lady, a 15 year old girl and a 5 year old boy.  That's kinda fun :)

so I have this kid who is 5. he is so stinkin' cute.  every week his mom comes with a new "john story."  something he did that is hilarious.  this week's story as told by his mother:  so i was quizzing john on his flash cards.  and every day he would get the notes right. and when i was little we learned "every good boy does fine" but he only had 4 cards, and they seemed random so i wasn't sure how you were teaching them, but he was getting it right every day.  so we did this all week and on the last day, he saw a card and had to think about it for a long time.  after a long time of thinking, he got the right answer, so i asked him - "john, how do you know the right answer? what's your thought process?" and he said "i can see through the card to the answer on the back."  
BAHAHHAA!!! hilarious.  should i feel a teacher-failure moment?   (i quizzed him without being able to see through and he got them right, so i guess not...)

another student i had recently is a lady in her mid-50s. we'll call her jane. i really like her!  she's very personable and positive despite a lot of obstacles she's had to overcome.  and she loves jesus.  so, we were working on 2 arrangements of 2 different hymns. one has a funny rhythm pattern that we worked on last week.  she came this week and opened it and said "i'm just not doing this one." and closed the book. haha and that was that. (teacher side note- we can learn that rhythm in a different song.  if someone has made up their mind not to learn it, they won't learn it, so you might as well move on and sneak that concept in later) :)