Monday, January 16, 2012

Last two books of 2011

 Two books I read towards the end of last year were...
The Street Lawyer is a good, easy-to-read legal thriller, per the usual of John Grisham.  Interesting brain candy, the perfect vacation book :)

The Faith: What Christians believe, Why They Believe it and Why it Matters.  Colson (who came to Christianity while in prison for his involvement in Watergate) writes a compelling explanation of the Christian faith. Written simply yet eloquently, The Faith was challenging and inspiring to me as a believer and also a book I would give to my skeptical friends.  It's not insulting of non-believers, but speaks the truth boldly.  He proclaims the hope and love of Jesus Christ & defends the doctrine of Scripture soundly. Worth reading and giving away.

What have you been reading?