Thursday, January 12, 2012

sew what?

i got a sewing machine for christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i am sewwwww excited to learn how to sew.  [pun intended]

some things i've been eyeing as a first project are....
an easy-to-sew jersey skirt, although the creator said she's always hesitant to sew w/ knit materials. perhaps harder?
from HERE
or perhaps my own version of this pretty pillow with a similar fabric
Lush Garden Toss Pillow | World Market
from world market
a tote bag
from this tutorial

the last couple days have been filled with we-just-got-back-home-things like laundry, grocery shopping, bank, oil change, car wash, etc...  but as soon as i have a chunk of free time i'm going to hit up the youtube tutorials for beginner seamstresses.  VERY BEGINNER. like, how to get my sewing machine out of the box, beginner.  

in the meantime, i've been thinking about/ pinteresting ways to reorganize my craft space. i am SEW lucky to have a space in the basement to leave out all my scrapbooking stuff.  it's way easier to use when i can just leave it out.  
current craft space (messy!) 

not sure what's up with my computer - it's making all my pictures look crazy. dark. sometimes with extra neon colors. anywhoooo....
the space works well for my current scrapbooking stuff (this picture was taken mid-project) but i want to make room for sewing too. and i want things to be practical, accessible.  so i'll have to use the space slightly more efficiently. plus i love organizing, so it's a win win!  here are some cool ideas (some of which are completely unrealistic).

for all the random small stuff (buttons, paper flowers, paperclips, etc...)  

or this 

 or this! magnetic spice containers - sold @ ikea cheaply :)

 if this lady can get all that in a closet, i can use my space well. 

file scrapbook paper. i love filing stuff (seriously) and have tons of paper - not sure why i didn't think of this earlier! i'm imagining files to fit in the cube shelves or on the bottom shelf of the book shelf.

this would work well for paper too if i can't find the right size files. 

peg board!  i'm seriously considering this for that ginormous wall. 

smaller pegboard might make more sense since we live in a rental temporarily.

easy way to keep ribbon. cheap too! 

 very fun way to store thread... although i don't have that much thread. 

woohoo! this all makes me excited to craft and learn to sew and organize!