Friday, January 27, 2012


lately, i'm in more of a reading mood than ever, so watch out!

these are a few books i've finished this month.

Hope Unseen: The Story of the U.S. Army's First Blind Active-Duty Officer (Captain Scotty Smiley with Doug Crandall)  I'd say 3 out of 5.   This book provided insight into the life of a soldier.  I came away feeling grateful for the people who serve our country in the military.  He candidly describes the highs and lows of what it was like for him (on multiple levels) to go blind as a young soldier.  I always like a good adversity-overcoming story and this was one of those.  It's not top-notch literature, but still an interesting, personal story of one soldier who sacrificed for our country.

Tramp for the Lord (Corrie ten Boom)  I read her book The Hiding Place last year, which details her life in a Nazi concentration camp during WWII.  If you haven't read that one, you should read it.  This book (Tramp for the Lord), though not the most well-chosen title if you ask me (which they didn't) is a series of stories and lessons from her time spent post-WWII "tramping" around the world for the Lord.  She gave up having a home with a bed and a dresser to live her life out of a suitcase sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She was in her 90s when this book was written back in the 1970s and it still feels fresh and rejuvinating to read.  I couldn't get enough of her insights into scripture and her passion for the gospel.  It's contagious.  5 out of 5. 

The Thank You Economy (Gary Vaynerchuk) I read this one because a friend of mine made it sound interesting in his review of it.  (He does way better book reviews that I... you can check his out over HERE)
I initially felt like it was redundant... like, I was on page 50 and thought - did i miss something or have we only gotten about 2 or 3 things so far.  However, I ended up really liking it.  The author explains how big bad scary technology (mainly social media) has actually taken our world back to the times of ma and pa shops.  He explains why and how customer service has completely changed with the advancing of social media and makes several compelling arguements for why you should get on board.  A relevant read for anybody alive in 2012.  3.5 out of 5. (Is that allowed?)

Have you read anything interesting lately??