Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Last week in photos

For the past week, we have enjoyed spring to the max. I seriously think everyone in my house is happier once spring hits. Last week (after the rough Monday I wrote about here) the rest of the days were glorious. You know, for the most part. A little bit of nice weather and a lot of grace.
The types of days you want to remember. I've mentioned this before, but Ben's grandma has kept a daily diary for decades. She occasionally sends an email with a sweet story like this:

May 5, 1994 
"Ben and Elsie here for supper. They're staying overnight while Chris and Paul go to a Bar Mitzvah party on the Bellevue Queen.
"Ben got on a roll calling 800 numbers to ask about the cost of their products. He called about a contour pillow, a 'dicshunary,' a cookbook, a sander, some blocks. He was very adult, courteous, confident. It was so interesting to observe. [Editor's note: early entrepreneurship?]
"Yesterday was the last day of Paul's first year of medical school! He had a 4-hour final in the morning."

I love that. I love normal life, remembered and recorded. It's part of the reason I blog.
So here are all the sweet things from last week that I can recall, aided by some cute pictures. (Thank God for digital picture technology. I actually don't really remember anything. Most days blur together.)
Addie is old enough to enjoy 10 minutes outside by herself (where I can see her from my open kitchen window). She likes to say "I can go outside like a big girl. Emma is little. She has to nap." HA!

The view thru the screen. 

Sometimes we go outside together
"The sun is bright in my eyes mommy" 

Stylin' girl picks her own clothes and accessories. These red shoes are her all-time faves. 

I forgot to set an alarm one morning, so we all ended up sleeping in. Then I did my Bible-reading time while they played at my feet, literally. 

 I had a piano recital to do some baking for, so Addie helped me during one of Emma's morning naps. She loved wearing my apron. I scoop & level, and she pours into the bowl. Let's just say, in the past, it was risky but her pouring skills have greatly increased. She also likes to stir and turn the mixer.

She likes to play with all the "scoopers" in the sink afterwards.

We spent some time outside most evenings. Addie's current favorite activities are: kicking ball up and down the hill, scooping and pouring sand into various recycled containers in the sandbox, and bubbles. Emma likes pushing the walker-dog from one end of the patio to the other and playing with the bubbles container. She thinks she's very funny when she knocks it over. Note to self - leave the top on. Tight. 

(recycled objects > real toys)

Thursday, we bought a new-to-us (off craigslist) double stroller. We used to have a different one but it wasn't working for us, so we sold it on craigslist and replaced it. We took it on a test run to the park. The park and the new stroller were a hit! 

Emma's excited face! She was pretty proud of herself for climbing the slide. 

Friday felt extra fun. We went to the library for toy time, where they get out a bunch of toys and let kids free play. 

Then we came home and had a picnic lunch. Addie didn't get it at first... "Eat lunch outside? That's so silly mama."

After naps, we had a little video chat with Grandma Cathy (my mom). She read Addie a book on facetime which Addie talked about for days afterwards. 

Then, we met Daddy at the zoo. Someone gifted us a membership last year and we love it! We can pop in for a short amount of time any time, all year, and not feel bad about leaving after an hour because we didn't pay an exorbitant entry fee! Plus it gets friends in free too :) 
All 6 giraffes were inside and up close. Both girls were mesmerized in the aquarium. The penguins were swimming crazy-fast and came very close to where Addie was standing. The construction zone was a hit too! 

After the zoo, we came home for spaghetti. Both of our girls love spaghetti. Who doesn't!?

Emma's "scrunchy face" cracks everyone up! It comes with a funny noise too. 

Forks are for grownups! 

And as if our week wasn't great enough, the girls had extra cousin time over the weekend.

Some weeks are awesome and some aren't.
I'm glad this one was awesome.