Thursday, April 23, 2015

i need a bandaid mom

Last week, we were riding in the car and Addie said, "my pants have an owie momma."

Me: your pants?
Addie: yeah, owie on my pants.
Me: Oh, what kind of owie?
Addie: I need a bandaid momma. (She hasn't asked for this before)
Me: ok, well we have some at home. We can get one when we get home.

At a stop light, I glanced back & noticed a tiny speck of dirt on her pants where she was insisting there was an owie.

Me: is that dirt the owie, Addie?
Addie: Yea, I have an owie on my leg.
Me: you mean your pants?
Addie: on my leg. I need a bandaid
Me: Oh. Who else had an owie on their leg?
Addie: Lanie has an owie leg. And Addie have an owie leg. Lanie and Addie have same bandaids!!!!!! [said really excitedly.]

mystery solved.
So, we got a frozen bandaid for her owie-pants.