Thursday, April 9, 2015

Emma at 10 Months

At 10 months, Emma is an absolute doll. (Albeit, an increasingly feisty and opinionated doll...)
I think I'm enjoying my second child more than I did my first.
With the first, I had to think more about everything - what and when to feed, how to wean the bottle, how to introduce milk, when to have naps, when to transition down to two naps or down to one nap, whether a drippy nose was teething or a cold, whether her discomfort warranted ibuprofen, when to introduce a sippy cup, what toys she will want, why she might be having a short nap, and on and on and on.
It's not that I never think about those things, or don't care at all about Emma's sleep, it's just that all the little things come more naturally the second time around. And you know how fast they go by. So you enjoy it more.
Or at least I am.
I'm soaking up all her cuteness.

I notice her new expressions...

new discoveries

new gestures (she loves to show off the things she knows. "sooo big")

I stress less if she wakes up early from a nap, or early in the morning (although I still don't prefer it).

This month, she tried pizza for the first time and loved it. 

She also tried a swing.

Caught this goofy angle, and giant snot bubble. This photo made me laugh!

She likes to "Crawl" like this. Addie says "Emma is crawling silly. no emma, that's not crawling." She wants to walk but can't figure it out, so she resorts to crawling on her feet. But then it's not as fast, so she goes back to regular crawling. 

She is a girl on the go. Can't lay down to drink my bottle mom, i got places to go. 

We walked to the park on Easter. I put Emma on the slide to play. Before I knew it, she was halfway up. 

I thought I should go stand by her and support her. She seriously got all the way up by herself, though! Crazy!

Other 'firsts' and fun things this month... 
She hasn't totally figured out a sippy cup, but when she accidentally gets it right she likes it. 

Very interested in the toilet - Addie is potty training so we spend a lot of time on the potty. Whenever Emma gets the chance, she likes to dip her hands in. Gross. Amazingly, we haven't had any hands in poop or broken fingers from Addie "gently closing" the toilet seat. 

She loves her baths with Addie and plays by herself in a pack n play with a basket of toys for about 10-15 minutes most mornings. 

She just started opening and closing board books. 

She likes playing with a small ball, especially if it makes noise. 
She crawls with her head down if she wants to go really fast. 
She figured out going up stairs. 
She likes moving a door on its hinges and cries when it closes all the way and she can't get it back open. 
She is very proud of herself for clapping. 

Clapping also signals "more please." (The hand sign for 'more' is close to a clap.) 
She has a knack for finding the tiniest object on the floor and putting in her mouth. Off the top of my head, I have recently fished the following things out of her mouth/ throat : pom pom craft balls, penny, Addie's tiny pony tails, piece of 3 day old hotdog, paper. I think I need to vacuum more. 
Favorite foods: cheese, scrambled eggs, black beans, grapes (cut), blueberries (cut)

She started standing up solo this month, first letting go of whatever she pulled herself up on, and now sometimes she'll just stand. 

She likes to keep things in her mouth. If it falls out while she's crawling, she'll stop and put it back in and then keep going.

Though she doesn't seem to mind playing by herself and doing her own thing, she does seem to like her people. :) 

These cousins born 2 days apart are good buds :)

We love our Emma Catherine at 10 months. Hard to believe she'll be 1 soon.