Friday, November 15, 2013

How old is she? uhhhh....

When Miss Adelyn and I are out on the town, people often ask how old she is. I've been stumbling over my answer lately... 10 months.
10 MONTHS!!!!
What even happened in those 10 months? [she was born, finish school year, pack, temporarily move to Omaha, 2 vacations, move to Boston, daddy starts grad school.] but that's all besides the point. 

10 months old. 
10 wonderful months. 
We're not even to one year old yet and I already feel so nostalgic for those first few weeks. I think it's because she's starting to learn so much more quickly now and to communicate - what she wants, playing games, etc... 
She has changed so much.
 1 month old

2 months

3 months

[missed 4 months. oops. if my memory serves me correctly, this was my first month back at work and we were working on surviving. no time for photos :)]

5 months

6 months

7 months- that face. 

8 months
They were both too cute. I couldn't choose.

9 months

10 months. 

My mind can almost not process how much she has changed and grown in a year.
And yet some things are the same.
Her eyebrows have been expressive from day 1 [see 1 month picture above if you doubt.]
She's always done funny things with her hands - long skinny fingers.
Those cheeks aren't shrinking, although she does seem to be growing into them.
And her smile is as precious as the first time she flashed it.

My goodness, how I love this girl.
Which picture is your favorite? I can't possibly decide. I'm torn between 1, 7, and the first 8 month pic.