Friday, September 7, 2012

quitting coupons

i gave up on couponing.
it wasn't an executive decision... it just kind of happened.
the main reason is that we don't really eat food that has coupons.

fresh food doesn't have coupons (produce, deli meat, chicken, beef, etc...)
generic brand snacks don't have coupons (crackers, chips, salsa, etc...) and the store brand is almost always cheaper than the name brand even with a coupon.  or it turns out to be the same price and i'd rather not waste the time.
most dairy doesn't have coupons (milk, eggs, cream)

the exceptions to my 'no couponing' are... i keep an eye out in the weekly papers for paper products and toiletry coupons because we have brand preferences (i.e. cleaning product, toilet paper, shampoo, razors, etc...)  If I'm really on my 'A' game, I try to combine a coupon with a sale price.  I do almost all shopping at walmart b/c they'll match other store's prices and I can use my coupon there so then I don't run around town like a crazy lady.

The other exception is once in a while a coupon means a treat like really good ice cream or OJ or coffee or something we're kinda picky about.  I'll spot a coupon for some specialty coffee roast and pick that up because it happens to be a dollar cheaper. 

One other reason I stopped couponing... it made my grocery list mysteriously longer.  I'd be looking at coupons and think, oh yeah, we do need that pasta sauce or those pillsbury crescents.  Then I'd forget I bought those b/c I had no recipe for them and... wasted.

I'm sure there is a way to coupon where you save money but it just wasn't workin' for me, so meh, I let it go.

oh, I should mention...I love retail coupons.  as in, I hardly ever walk into old navy or kohl's or the gap without a 20% off coupon because you can ALWAYS find them online :) and what's not to love!!