Sunday, September 2, 2012

fall is around the corner...

in no particular order, top 10 reasons fall is my favorite season

10. perfect weather - cool, no humidity, but not too cold
9. sweaters
looks comfy. oh wait, $686.  maybe i'll wait for the target knockoff?
source  and no i would not spend a fraction of that on a sweater...

8. pretty leaves
7. cute boots & other fashion goodness. this might be my favorite season for fashion.  layers are necessary but it's not too cold.  
Fall dreaming

6. caramel apple cider 
i love the stuff at starbucks but this season i'm going to try to make it :)
5. my birthday

4. college football [yes, honestly, i enjoy watching the games.  it's a relaxing way to spend a saturday afternoon.  although i'm okay not to spend thursday and friday and saturaday AND sunday watching football. haha. plus my husband is SO SO happy.]

3. back to school

2. thanksgiving

1. this year, fall means we are that much closer to baby girl coming :)

what's your favorite season?
are you excited for fall?