Monday, September 3, 2012


i am so thankful to have a job.  a job doing something i love that i feel i am gifted to do... teach.
it is definitely the right thing for us for this season.

but there are things in my life that are being neglected so i can do work well.
and it's okay.  it's part of life.  give and take. you can't do everything.

some things that aren't happening lately are...
cleaning - beyond a quick clorox wipe after cleaning up after dinner
cooking - this is important.  we can't eat crap all the time. i'm working on finding the energy to cook after dinner.
reading books - miss it.
reading blogs - i'm okay with it.
crafts - meh it's a nice idea but SO not important

things that are top priority even though i'm working full time (and by 'top priority' i mean, i am learning how to balance and make work happen around these things that God has called me to do well in.) 
bible study

needless to say, my 'to do' list is long and things get crossed off very infrequently.  on the other hand, it creates simplicity in a way... get up, go to work, come home, see my husband, go to sleep.  & repeat.  there's not much time for wasting and weekends are such a fun treat.  

changes are hard to process sometimes.  i'm not sure what to think about it all yet. just taking life one day at a time, choosing joy always, working hard, and relying on the Lord.