Tuesday, September 4, 2012

flag waver

I have a friend who describes himself on facebook as "Flag Waver. Door Opener. Sail Pointer. Light Shiner."  Somehow I stumbled across that description the other day and it got me thinking...
How do I describe myself? 
What is most important about me that I want others to know and see? 
And, if I describe myself as, for example, a light shiner, would others agree or disagree? 
It's not that what others think about me is so important.  Rather, it is important that my understanding of who I am and what is important to me is equivalent to what I portray to those around me.  Lord help me not to be fake - to think I'm a light shiner and door opener and yet everyone around me would raise their eyebrows and mutter to themselves "more like a light killer, door slammer in your face."

God has declared me righteous, precious, his child.
I also have roles as wife, teacher, daughter, friend, sister, and mother-to-be.
But I want to be careful about not letting roles define me.  I want to be who God has made me and do what he has called me to do in every role, regardless of when or where.  I want to be a "flag waver.  a door opener.  a sail pointer. a light shiner." 

These thoughts are still roaming around in my mind but I have nothing more to say about them right now...